Saddle Duct Hangers

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Every above ground duct installation needs hangers or supports of some kind. A sturdy, vertically and horizontally stable option, sometimes called a 'pipe hanger,' is typically attached to rods or angel supports.  This installation provides excellent support and security of the ductwork system. Saddle hangers usually take a bit longer to position and install, so they are often used in conjunction with other hangers.

  • Available in 3" to 48" diameter (contact for custom sizes).
  • Nuts and bolts included.
  • Products come with raw ends.

     Gauge & Width 
    1-8' x 1' wide 
    3' to 7' 
    1-8' x 1 1/2' wide 
    8' to 25' 
    3-16' x 1 1/2' wide 
    26' to 48'