Oil Mist Curb

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Unique and unusual pick-up placement combined with overhead constraints, often means that the final connection to a machine center is accomplished with a flex hose. Flex hose connections on oil mist applications always ‰ÛÓ ALWAYS!!!!! ‰ÛÓ leak. The effluent puddles on the top of the machine runs down the sides and puddles on the floor creating a safety hazard.

  • Capture & return leaking oil from your Ductwork.åÊ
  • The curbs allow the hose to leak but capture it in a curb fully welded around an adapter. As the oil leaks, it leaks into the curb. Small weep holes drilled at the base of the curb, allow the oil to weep/leak back into the machine.åÊ
  • Available in 4" to 12" diameter (contact for custom sizes).
  • Products come with raw ends.
  • Galvanized.åÊ