Horizontal Oil Mist Accumulators

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Today's high-speed cutters require a continuous and voluminous stream of effluent to cool and remove the 'chip'. This large amount of fluid, combined with the aggressive location of the extraction ports, means that large amounts of effluent are sucked into the collection system, often jeopardizing the efficiency of the collector by 'drowning' the media.

  • The horizontal unit incorporates a sump in the side of the unit. See Vertical Mist AccumulatorsåÊfor alternative install.åÊ
  • Reduce the initial amount of effluent at the source, allowing the collector to do its final job of scrubbing the air.
  • For systems that carry a significant amount of affluent/oil through the duct to a collector and need to reduce the burden on the collector, an Oil Mist Accumulator can be installed inline to help reclaim mist from the air stream.
  • The accumulator houses a series of screens inside a fully welded, leak-free casing and coalesces oil/mist inside the container which then drains into a tube and into a capture container.åÊ
  • Available in 4" to 12" diameter (contact for custom sizes).
  • Products come with raw ends.