Our Manufacturing Process

All US HobNob products are manufactured in the United States by our manufacturing partner US Metal Crafters.

US Metal Crafters Manufacturing
US Owned & Operated US Metal Crafters offers vast manufacturing expertise and machinery meaning our products meet rigorous quality inspections and your dollars stay here. 
By capitalizing on the 32 years of combined industry experience and 120,000 square feet of production capabilities we are able to offer you a simplified ordering process for your industrial ductwork parts. All of our products, both components and accessories, are install ready and shipping is included on all orders of $150 or more! 
We are proud to be US owned and working to simplify the purchasing process for industrial and commercial products. Be sure to connect with us via our newsletter or social media to stay up to date on new product categories as we add them. 

Product request or suggestion? Email us at info@us-metalcrafters.com.
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